Monday, December 28, 2009

And now we continue...

We raised nearly $1000 in just one week which was very excting and we are incredibly grateful.
So incredibly grateful.
It's true, we were hoping for an avalanche. We were hoping to go into 2010 with no worries about how any of us would pay for our adoptions. So just because we don't see all the money that we need in our account does that mean it isn't on its way to us? Nope.
It will still work the same way...
YOU donate whatever you can, help spread the word and
WE send you a wonderful compilation of inspiring adoption stories
AND invite you to a private blog where you can follow the families who are adopting.
We would love if children were on board with their families.
Helping to raise funds by raking leaves, shoveling snow, having bake sales or
garage sales, get the picture. It would be such a wonderful thing
for children to know that they were a part of bringing other children to a forever family.
What powerful life lesson for all of us.
We continue on and we want you to continue on with us.
We feel encouraged not discouraged.
We have hope not despair.
We have faith.
We know that all is well and we know that dreams are not placed inside of us
without the way to make them come true.
We know that our time is not the same as God's time.
And now we continue.......